Weatherford Arranged a Lecture on Shale Reservoirs at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

December 24, 2013

Weatherford arranged a lecture “Shale Reservoirs: Promising Alternative to Conventional Reservoirs. Evaluation and Development” for graduate, post-graduate students and staff of the Petroleum Geology Department of the Moscow State University. The lecture was delivered by Khaled H. Hashmy, Senior Petrophysics Advisor, Petroleum Consulting (Weatherford, USA).

Khaled shared Weatherford’s experience in identification of sweet spots in low-permeability reservoirs, outlined evaluation and development methods used by the company in North America.

The lecture stirred genuine interest in the audience: young geologists enthusiastically asked questions and were eager to discuss various evaluation methods and the prospects for development of the Bazhenov formation using advanced Weatherford technologies. After the lecture, Weatherford representatives and the Head of Petroleum Geology Department discussed possible cooperation in the field of core analysis between Weatherford and the Department’s laboratories: Reservoirs Laboratory, Organic Geochemistry and Coal Laboratory.

Source: Weatherford