Weatherford Announces Reveal 360 Technique

April 18, 2014

Weatherford Petroleum Consultants AS announced the preview launch of Reveal 360 at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition 2014. Reveal 360 is a new, patent pending imaging technique that removes the blind spots from wireline wellbore images.

Reveal 360 is a technique for reconstructing the data that is missing from the gaps in wellbore images, i.e., the sections of the borehole that were not measured by the pads of wireline image tools.  The process begins by decomposing the measured sections of the borehole wall into sparse representations of their morphological components using dictionaries of multi-scale, multi-orientation transforms – a technique known as morphological component analysis. These representations are then reconstructed using information from the dictionaries to fill in missing information.

“Gaps between the pads of wireline tools provide images in which 30 to 50% of the wellbore data is missing.  With Reveal 360, our processing technique environmentally normalizes the image and then removes the gaps between pads, providing a complete view of your wellbore,” explained Peter Elkington, Weatherford chief geoscientist – Geoscience Development.

Reveal 360 provides unbiased and reproducible estimates of the non-measured parts of images, and as such, enables automated pattern recognition algorithms that are typically challenged by gaps in the data.

Source: Weatherford