Unique Diesel Wind Power Station to Come to Yamal

June 23, 2014

The St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University is completing work on a project to build a diesel wind power station for Yamal Oleni (Yar-Sale, Yamal district).

Yar-Sale was chosen because the locale has wind potential at a height of 100 meters of over 700 W/cubic meter.

Doctor Viktor Yelistratov, the director of the university's renewable energy department, said designers faced several challenges in to the project: the extreme climate, low temperatures, icing, a difficult ground system and limited transport to the region.

The power station tower will have a raised platform to protect it from ground shifting and circulating cold air. Thermal siphons will be used to support the upper layer of the soil. The arms of the turbine will be heated. THey will be able to withstand temperaturs as low as 60°C below zero.

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