Turn-Key Living Quarters from Techmash

July 25, 2010

   A determining factor here is played the supplier’s readiness to not only manufacture and deliver mobile living space, but his ability to provide a wide range of services to build turn-key living quarters including service. This full approach is exactly what is provided by Techmash Group.

   Mobile living quarters first appeared in Russia when industrial subsoil production began. In the beginning, strictly utilitarian needs were taken into consideration when building such workers’ villages – comfort and infrastructure was not included.
During Soviet times a solution to this problem was found in organizing permanent satellite-villages which included hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Such a village – built for 30,000 residents – was to be erected in Yamburg near the Yamburgskoye oil and gas condensate field. However, in 1986 a decision was made to build a mobile village. Yamburg became the first Russian modern, mobile residential area – it was comfortable and serious thought was put into its infrastructure.

   The evident economic advantages to modern mobile, on-site living space compared to permanent villages prompted the further development of using this type of approach in oilfield work and other large projects in Russia.

   Before domestic solutions appeared in Russia, enterprises’ needs for living space were mainly provided by foreign companies. Then, gradually, Russian companies began to produce mobile living space that met world standards. This was further prompted by the rise in demand for hydrocarbons and ore and the development of new fields and the construction of infrastructure networks and refining enterprises.

Techmash has been working on the mobile living space market since 2001. “At the very start, when we began production, we charted a course intent on producing quality products, by earnestly studying the experience of other countries such as Germany, the United States and Canada,” Techmash Group development director Leonid Rapoport says. The highlight of Techmash Group’s line is the Yermak mobile building which companies use when setting up temporary housing. The Yermak “wagon home” is the result of the company’s professional design and real experience from using the units in the field”, Rapoport says, “The Yermak-brand mobile home guarantees a quality product, comfortable living and reliability in use”.

   The world economic crisis forced adjustments in the quickly-rising mobile living space market. Though, experts predicted that the need for such quarters from 2001–2010 would be over 1 million square meters, the financial crisis led to unstable demand for goods and services in this segment. At the same time, the number of suppliers offering mobile buildings at dumping prices grew; but these companies used low quality materials and clients quickly became convinced they should choose products that would last many years and never fail in extreme conditions. In the end, the crisis strengthened the loyalty of Techmash clients. In turn, the company became even more careful in working with purchasers.

   “The company’s strategy was ‘Engineering Mobile Living Space,’ including design, manufacturing and construction of turn-key temporary villages based on easy to assemble mobile homes,” stresses Rapoport. “Our