Tatneft Environmental Controls Include Cathodic Protection

July 4, 2013

Tatneft has reported on its environmental protection activities to ensure the environmental safety of crude oil production at its facilities. The company reported that "there is a set of technical, technological and organizational measures being implemented at JSC Tatneft to provide for stable and reliable operation of the oil field facilities".

these include the application of corrosion-resistant pipes as well as the use of inhibitory and electrochemical corrosion protection exercise significant influence on improving the reliability of the equipment at the Company's oil field facilities. 425 km of corrosion-resistant pipes and 2,328.9 tons of corrosion inhibitors were produced at JSC Tatneft in the first half of 2013.

Cathodic protection was installed at 124 wells and electrochemical protection was provided for 270.9 km of pipelines, as well as corrosion protection was performed for inner surface of 7 vertical steel tanks, according to the company.

Particular attention is paid to monitoring the state of the environmental situation in the area of the Joint Stock Company activities, preventing and reducing the negative environmental impact of crude oil production on all the components of the ecosystem. As a result of implementing measures to protect water bodies the chloride and petroleum products content in the major rivers of the oil-producing region of the Republic is stably maintained within the established limits. During the first half of 2013 there were made 4,150 sample analyses of surface water pools and drinking water sources.

Source: Tatneft, 2013.