Syzran Oil Refinery Receives Two Reactors for Vacuum Gasoil Hydrotreatment

November 25, 2013

Syzran Oil Refinery, a subsidiary of Rosneft, has received two reactors for a vacuum gasoil hydrotreatment unit, which is under construction at the catalytic cracking complex. The reactors are for hydrodesulfurization, denitrogenation and removal of oxygenated compounds in the presence of a catalyst.

Each reactor weighs about 550 tons and is 30 meters long. The Syzran refinery had never received anything so big. The reactors arrived by river after covering 2,406 km from the Neva to the Volga. Further on, the reactors were shipped on trucks from a mooring built for the purpose on the Syzran river.

Source: Syzran Oil Refinery Press Office, 2013