Skolkovo Partners Awarded for Innovation at Total Energy USA Conference

November 25, 2013

While works are in full swing in Abilene, Texas, where a new Russian technology invented by Novas, a participants of Skolkovo, is used, Novas president has been awarded at the Total Energy USA conference.

At the close of the first day of the Total Energy USA conference on November 20, the conference chairman presented the president of Novas USA with Innovation Honorable Mention Award. The Russian innovation shared the first place with Halliburton.

Novas USA presented at the conference its patented plasma-pulse technology designed to enhance oil recovery. The technology was created by a team of Russian developers who received a grant from Skolkovo Fund in 2012 for more research of the technology. This technology has helped to increase oil production in over 200 wells in Russia and the CIS and over 20 wells in the US. This is achieved without any chemicals so the technology is deemed to be environmentally friendly. The treatment clears the well drainage area of sedimentation clogging at the perforation zone and increases the permeability of the reservoir, resulting in increased oil recovery.

Source: Skolkovo Press Office, 2013