Siemens Gas Turbine Demonstrates 25 Ppm NOx Emissions On Oil

October 1, 2013

The Siemens gas turbine SGT6-5000F sets a new benchmark in the industry by demonstrating 25 ppm NOx emissions on fuel oil. The current industry standard is 42 ppm for other OEM F-Class gas turbines. In order to provide the highest power output for this type of turbine and at the same time lowest emissions on fuel oil Siemens invested in research and development of the SGT6-5000F combustion system with water injection. After extensive testing under real world conditions, this outstanding result has been achieved at the Elk River Peaking Station in Minnesota, USA, in conjunction with Great River Energy. This turbine with the new capability is already commercially available.

“The SGT6-5000F is an extremely well-proven turbine in the US 60 Hz market with more than 270 units already in commercial operation worldwide and more than nine million cumulative hours of reliable operation. This new emissions level has strategic importance to our customers, and Siemens will continue to innovate and provide leading technology to enable their continued success”, said John Wilson, Head of Sales for Gas Turbine Packages in the Americas Region.

“Great River Energy has a history of collaborative research on emission reduction projects, and this is another example resulting in measurable emission reductions,” said Michael Shevich, combustion turbine supervisor, Great River Energy.

Source: Siemens, 2013.