Severstal-metiz Launches New Line of High-Performance Steel-Wire Ropes for Drill Rigs

December 19, 2009

   They must withstand tension, bending, vibration, surface stress, external and internal wearing of the wire. That is why Severstal-metiz, one of the leaders in the European special steel wire rope market, today focuses on the development and manufacture of wire ropes that can satisfy the most demanding  requirements.
Among the most challenging problems faced by drillers are the low-wearing capacity of wire ropes, outside wire fatigue, structural defect formation while in operation (wire and strand buckling, core deformation, broken wires, etc.) Quite often these effects appear because the sheaves in the drilling system and winch drums have minor radiuses and minor diameters respectively. This is characteristic for some drilling rigs, both Russian- and foreign-made. To deal with this problem, Severstal-Metiz engineers have created eight-strand wire rope TU 072-2009, that can improve considerably the operating characteristics of the equipment. Eight strands in the outside layer ensure excellent flexibility of the or TU 072-2009 (compared to six-strand wire ropes), and the unique strand and core construction design ensures a higher level of working capacity, higher wear resistance, and longer operating life. Clients will receive the first consignments of such wire ropes in December 2009.

   Also among recent Severstal-metiz innovations there are special wire ropes TU 049-2007 of two types, representing an effective alternative to the widely used GOST 16853-88 wire rope (see the comparative data on guaranteed operational life in the Table 1). TU 049-2007 (Type 1) wire ropes have a combined three-wire core and three organic fillers. These wire ropes offer a set of technological advantages, such as increased wear resistance, increased flexibility, improved bending and tensile strength, lower influence of dynamic load on a wire rope. For deep drilling (at a depth more than 3,000 meters) TU 049-2007 (Type 1) wire ropes are manufactured with a metal core. According to the results of independent tests carried out by Surgutneftegaz (one of the largest oil producers in Russia), TU 049-2007 (Type 1) wire ropes with a combined three-wire core are recommended for use at drilling rigs to increase operating reliability of  the block-and-tackle system.

   The wire ropes with compacted external strands TU 049-2007 (Type 2) could successfully replace GOST 16853-88 ropes. The compacted external strands technology ensures high structural density of this product, which distributes an even load along the wire, and prevents wire breaks within the strands. Moreover, the increased area of contact with the rope-bearing surface helps to reduce wear on sheaves and drums. The compact design of the rope provides higher lateral compression strength which makes it possible to use TU 049-2007 (Type 2) on heavy-lift cranes with complex rigging arrangements and multilayer spooling. At the moment, these ropes are being tested. The results will be announced at the end of 2009.

   The operational efficiency of wire ropes depends for the most part on the operator complying with the ropes' application purposes; good equipment performance, and adherence to operational instructions. To guarantee a longer operational life for its wire ropes and ensure maximum benefit