ROSING Conference Sets Emphasis on Oil Recovery

By Elena Zhuk, July 1, 2007

The annual conference on oil and gas recovery and production enhancement held by the Russian Association of Oil and Gas Engineers (ROSING) is very popular among industry experts. The great interest to the event was confirmed by the full house at the Moscow City Hall. Having moved from the picturesque scenery of the Volga river in Samara to the Russian capital located on the other great Russian river, this year’s conference, which was accompanied by traditional motor vessel cruise, was 11th in a row. But, as opposed to previous events it was held as plenary sessions: rapporteurs’ speeches were accompanied by heated discussions.

The Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly, the Fuel and Energy Complex Department at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Supreme Engineering Council, the Russian Association of Oil and Gas Producers, Russian Academy of Science (RAS), the RAS Research Council for Geology and Development of Oil and Gas Fields, the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Russian oil and oil service companies – all contributed to organization of the ROSING conference.

“The first conference, which was held 11 years ago enjoyed a hearty welcome by the oil engineering community for there was a slowdown in engineering in 1996,” Vyacheslav Manyrin, the ROSING president, reminded the audience at the opening of the conference. “Five years later, when we saw a positive trend, we felt an urgent need to establish an association of oil and gas engineers using foreign associations as an example. Generally speaking, such an organization should have been established 70 years ago, so we did everything possible to match the standards of a developed engineering society in the last five-six years”. According to Vyacheslav Manyrin, ROSING today has about 20,000 members (cf. SPE is 50 years old and has 73,000 members world-wide. Its fastest growing region is Russia. – editor).

_editor_conference.jpgAs to the subject of the discussion, Manyrin said: “This subject, which seems narrow at the first sight, covers the most important facet of production industry development in the oil and gas sphere. It is difficult to suggest any further success in our development without improving the oil and gas recovery since the reserves structure is still depleting, with production almost twice exceeding the reserves growth.” During the discussion, experts, employees of producing companies and research institutes strived to find a solution to the problem, which is being tackled for many years by top brains of the oil and gas industry, namely “How to improve the recovery rate?”

According to the Council of Federation of the RF Federal Assembly, the increase of recovery rate in Russia from today’s 0.28 to 0.5 that the country had in the past, and 0.55 achieved by foreign companies, means doubling the recoverable reserves without additional exploration work and expenses for construction of new oil and gas fields with pipelines.

Academician Anatoly Dmitrievsky pointed out that improving the oil and gas recovery by only 1 percent would be equal to discovery