Rimera Upgrades Sucker Rod Pump Cylinder Chrome Plating Unit

December 28, 2013

Rimera Group’s Izhneftemash has upgraded its ShGN UH-2 cylinder chrome plating unit by adding a Mayak CNC control system. The ultimate goal of the modernization effort was to boost chromium plating operations efficiency by 20% and improve end product quality.
The upgraded UH-2 unit got a new Mayak CNC control system. As the program continues, UH-1 chrome plating unit will also get a new control system, a new supply pump and an extra set of production tooling for quick changeover.

Chrome plating of cylinders in sucker rod pumping units increases their corrosion and wear resistance in environments with high carbon dioxide and foreign impurities content, which leads to increased MTBF and, therefore, greater well overhaul life for more profitable production. It is worth noting that chrome plated tubing and ESP enclosures have been used by Rimera Group for its innovative White Well project implemented in Tomskneft and LUKOIL oilfields.

The modernization of the chrome plating unit has made it possible to automatically maintain the specified process parameters, record, store and share the collected data and improve the unit's maintainability, thanks to the comprehensive and highly usable health diagnostics function, reliable components and detailed operating instructions provided for Mayak-600 CNC system, which is a familiar tool for the factory's machine operators. The reduced weight of the «human factor» is yet another extra bonus, achieved by using a special «Chrome Plating Process Passport» file containing process parameters, identifiers, date and time.

Source: Rimera