Rimera Develops Hydraulic Protection for Complicated Upstream Conditions

April 21, 2014

Specialists of Rimera R&D Center together with experts from the Alnas plant developed a piston hydroprotection GTPA5 (5th grade – 92 mm). It is designed for difficult wells with high formation temperature or high-viscosity oil bitumen, as the specific production technology used in these cases means taht the equipment is operated at 180-200 °C temperature.

Factory acceptance testing of a new Rimera tool for oil production is run in complicated conditions with no Russian analogues and will be completed in April 2014. The equipment will then be sent to Ashalchinskoye field (Tatneft) for experimental field tests.

For optimum performance of hydroprotection the equipment must have high quality of finish and increased durability of the inner housing. This is achieved by chrome-plating surface of the housing hydroprotection at the Izhneftemash production facilities.

Chromium is actively used by both servicing and piping divisions of ChTPZ Group. Specifically for the “White well” project, Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (part of the ChTPZ Group) manufactures production strings with 1% to 5% chromium content, as well as housing for electrical centrifugal pump of Alnas. Chrome-plating ensures high performance values for by wear- and corrosion-resistancy of the equipment.

Source: Rimera