Plasma Impulse Excitation Enhances Oil Recovery from Productive Formations

August 4, 2008
results in positive flow rates in neighboring wells. Available results prove that wells in terrigenous reservoirs react at a distance of 250-300 meters from each other; in carbonate reservoirs with a high bulk modulus, positive flow rates is registered in wells located at a distance ranging from 700 to 1,500 m. Alongside with that, the water cut level is usually reduced in all wells.
In addition to large scale excitation, creation of plasma makes it possible to solve local problems relating to bottom-holes cleaning. Instantaneous expansion of plasma creates a shock wave and its subsequent cooling and compression results in flow back to the well through perforations, which at the initial stage of well treatment contributes to removal of clogging substances to the well bore.
Since 2007, commercial introduction of the plasma impulse excitation technology is realized by Novas Company.