Oil and Gas Industry Latest Tech Trends

04.09.2008 Magikrot Performs Hydro-mechanical Cleaning of Oil Stills’ Soaking Sections

The method of mechanical cleaning with the help of a plastic scraper is known outside Russia and is widely applied by many companies all over the world to solve the problem of decoking and remove nonorganic deposits from the inner surface of the soaking section pipes in the

04.09.2008 Kompressorny Complex’s Superchargers Transport Gas from Zapolyarnoe Field

The Kompressorny Komplex engineering company shipped a batch of seven Class 398 superchargers to Prutazovsky compressor station – the main station, which receives gas directly from Zapolyarny oil field.

04.09.2008 The Butler Unit Provides an Efficient Aalternative to welding

Increasing pipeline system dependability is among one of the most crucial issues for oil companies. At the same time, equally important is reducing pipeline construction time without losing quality.

04.08.2008 Zapsibgazprom Musters New Technologies for Construction of Polyethylene Gas Pipelines

At present, wide-scale construction and operation of inter-settlement gas pipelines continues developing in Russia. In all European countries, underground gas pipelines are constructed and reconstructed mainly of polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings.

04.06.2008 CPS Trains Personnel at Dangerously Explosive Facilities

Human factor is one of the main causes of accidents at dangerously explosive facilities of the chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining industries.

04.06.2008 The MTM Technology to be Verified at Oilfield Facilities in Russia and Abroad

In 2007, a number of inspections were performed aimed at verification of efficiency of the magnetic tomography method (MTM) for pipelines which cannot have inner inspection.

06.05.2008 New Technology Enables More Efficient Pipeline Repair

In the fast paced and constantly developing global oil and gas industry, technological advancements are key to staying ahead of the game.

29.12.2007 RD385L Radiodetection Control System Improves Cable and Pipe Laying Operations

Continuous monitoring of drill head parameters at pilot drilling is fundamental to horizontal drilling technology. Control can be achieved with Radiodetection’s state-of-the-art detection system RD385, which includes the following: