Oil and Gas Industry Latest Tech Trends

17.12.2012 UK Government Allows Fracing To Resume

UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey has announced that exploratory hydraulic fracing for shale gas can resume in the UK, subject to new controls to mitigate the risks of seismic activity, E&P reports.

09.11.2012 Kazakhstan, China Agreed On Gas Pipeline Construction

The agreement on construction of a gas pipeline "Sarybulak - Zimunai" was reached at the 6th meeting of the subcommittee on cooperation in the energy sector of the Kazakh-Chinese Committee for Cooperation with the representatives of the ministries and companies of the tw

18.08.2012 Kongsberg LedaFlow v1.1 Released

   Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies released LedaFlow version 1.1.
This new release offers a range of new features, such as:
New plotting environment multi-case, multi-variable type now supported, user plot configurations, new Template base.

18.08.2012 Tatneft Uses Inter-well Pumping Technology for Reservoir Pressure Maintenance

   High-performance technological processes of reservoir pressure maintenance (RPM) are introduced at Tatneft to ensure enhanced crude oil recovery and maintain the production levels achieved, and one of such technologies is inter-well pumping (IWP).

02.06.2012 The ClampOn DSP Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM)

   The ClampOn DSP Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) continually monitors and quantifies changes in wall thickness over a large area of a pipeline. The instrument estimates the rate at which corrosion and/or erosion reduces the thickness of the pipe wall.