PetroEngineering Development Saves Diesel Fuel

April 21, 2014

A technology for boosting the generating capacity of diesel generators developed by PetroEngineering reduces their fuel consumption, too.

The proposed solutions target remote locations that cannot link to industrial 6 kV grids.

Application of VFDs on basic mechanisms, the change of power distribution and rig control systems provides solutions for solving many industrial problems. The proposed method improves the equipment quality and reliability, resulting in higher penetration rate and lower equipment load using variable-frequency on basic drives, as well as through better energy efficiency.  The new development will slash fuel consumption on the drilling rig working from diesel generator sets by increasing the power factor; sustainable operation of the sets will also reduce the downtime and the number of drilling accidents.

The advantages of the new tool include its high efficiency due to the use of asynchronous explosion-proof motors. The options engrained in the electric motor, such as no-frills installation without additional adapters, installation of the same-type motors for all the major drives of the rig, usage of explosion-proof power equipment compliant to current safety standards, can solve several important issues.

According to preliminary estimates by the experts, project payback period is 3-4 years - this is considering the diesel fuel savings alone.
Technology is implemented at Visovoe field as a part of rig upgrading project in Usinsky branch of Eurasia Drilling Company.

Source: PetroEngineering