Paradigm Reports Rapid Adoption of SKUA Software Suite in 2013

January 24, 2014

Paradigm® ( announced today that its advanced SKUA® (Subsurface Knowledge Unified Approach) volume-based modeling system had a rapid rate of new software adoption in 2013.  Additionally, organizations using Paradigm® GOCAD® are upgrading to SKUA, as they see value in the combined strengths of GOCAD and SKUA technologies to address their most challenging geological settings. The software suite ensures better field development and more reliable reservoir prediction through true collaboration and geological integrity.
SKUA uses a radically different volume-based 3D modeling approach that removes all limitations and deformations caused by conventional methods. The unique technology uses all available data and honors basic geologic rules to build more accurate, simple-to-complex subsurface models. Based on the proprietary Paradigm UVT Transform® algorithm, the SKUA software suite reduces modeling times from months to days, and the integration of all interpretation results exponentially increases accuracy.
Growth in 2013 was driven by significant new global business wins. While the entire Paradigm product suite has seen broad acceptance, customers like Petrogal Brasil, and SCDM Energie have responded with particular interest in differentiated technologies around seismic interpretation and modeling, including SKUA.

 Source: Paradigm