Oil and Gas Industry Latest tech trends

19.03.2014 Gazprom Neft Joins International Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology Joint Industry Programme

Gazprom Neft has become the first Russian company to join the Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology Joint Industry Programme (JIP) run by the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

14.03.2014 Kongsberg Maritime Unveils New Modular Leak Detection and Environmental Monitoring System at Oceanology International

Leak detection and environmental monitoring within the offshore nenewables and oil and gas sectors are a key focus for Kongsberg Maritime at Oceanology International 2014, with the world launch of a sophisticated new approach to subsea monitoring.

14.03.2014 Halliburton Announced the Launch of its Drilling Engineering Solutions-sm (DES) Service

As drilling complexities increase, the need for comprehensive solutions continues to grow.  DES answers this need by providing fully integrated, custom – engineered solutions to optimize well design and placement -- from high volume wells to complex environments.

11.03.2014 Sercel Launches a New Broadband Vibrator: the Nomad 65 Neo

Sercel officially unveiled its new broadband vibrator, the Nomad 65 Neo, at the Geo 2014 convention in Bahrain.

11.03.2014 Sercel’s QuietSeis Sensor Demonstrates Ultra-quiet Performance

CGG announced that Sercel’s latest and most advanced digital single-sensor, QuietSeisTM, based on next-generation MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechancial System) technology, is living up to its name after having demonstrated an outstanding low-noise performance during a recent se

07.03.2014 Schlumberger Introduces New Rotary Steerable System

Schlumberger announced today the launch of the PowerDrive Orbit* rotary steerable system (RSS).

05.03.2014 GE Improves Drilling Performance through Real-Time Shock and Vibration Measurement

Directional and horizontal well-drilling techniques have led to the production of vast quantities of hydrocarbons from previously uneconomic, hard-to-reach reservoirs.

03.03.2014 CGG Commercializes Induced Polarization from Airborne Electromagnetic Data

CGG has announced that the high-powered Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys conducted by its Airborne business line will now offer Induced Polarization (apparent chargeability) as an additional product.

28.02.2014 Schlumberger Commercializes New Multilayer Bed Boundary Detection Service

Schlumberger announced today the commercialization of the PeriScope HD* multilayer bed boundary detection service.