Oil and Gas Industry Latest tech trends

09.04.2014 US Navy Develops Technology to Turn Seawater Into Fuel

US Navy scientists have developed a radical new technique to convert seawater into jet fuel.

31.03.2014 Emerson Introduces the World’s First Online Guided Wave Radar Integrity Testing

Emerson Process Management introduces the world’s first online Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitter and probe testing function.

28.03.2014 BASF Launches Product Range Aspiro™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery

At the SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium on April 12. – 14. 2014 in Tulsa/Oklahoma, US, BASF will present Aspiro™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to an international audience for the first time.

27.03.2014 AMETEK Crystal Engineering Launches GaugeCalHP and XP2i feature leak-free Crystal Pressure Fittings

A new hydraulic pressure comparator with industry-leading safety features and a high-pressure version of its popular XP2i test gauge have been introduced by Crystal Engineering.

27.03.2014 CGG and Baker Hughes Sign Exclusive Long-Term RoqSCAN Agreement as Part of Shale Science Alliance

CGG announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Baker Hughes Incorporated for RoqSCANTM technology offered by CGG. RoqSCAN is a real-time, fully portable, quantitative and automated rock properties and mineralogical analyzer.

25.03.2014 Halliburton Introduces RezConnectTM Well Testing System

Halliburton announced the release of the RezConnect™ Well Testing System, a complete well testing solution for wireless control  of downhole drill stem test  tools (DST) , measurement and analysis of well - test data in Real time.

24.03.2014 Norwegian scientists say bacteria to clean up after oil spills

Researchers in Trondheim have achieved surprising results by exploiting nature's own ability to clean up after oil spills, SINTEF’s press office said on March 7.

20.03.2014 Belzona Launches the Next Generation of High Temperature Vessel Linings

As a response to the existing needs and anticipating the future demands of the pressure vessels market, Belzona has introduced its new technologically advanced high temperature process vessel linings.

20.03.2014 Impact of Сhemical EOR on Water Management: IFPEN Launches Dolphin™, an Experimental Research Project with Industry

In collaboration with six industrial partners, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment has just launched the Dolphin™ research project, which aims to examine th