Oil and Gas Industry Latest Tech Trends

02.06.2012 Dockwise Vanguard

   The Dockwise Vanguard, is the largest and most innovative semi-submersible vessel ever built. At 275 meters (902 feet) long and 70 meters (230 feet) wide, the Vanguard can carry 110,000 tons and travel across oceans at 14 knots.

06.05.2012 Trelleborg, Saipem Join to Launch New LNG Tandem Offloading System

Trelleborg, has teamed up with leading oil and gas industry contractor, Saipem, to develop a new LNG tandem offloading system, the company reported in a news release.

02.05.2012 Baker Hughes Launches New Electronically Actuated Casing Packer, Wireless Top Drive Cement Head

The Baker Hughes ZX-e™ Electronically Actuated Casing Packer remotely creates a mechanical barrier to flow paths during wellbore construction, completion, production and abandonment operations, while a state-of-the-art Wireless Top Drive (TD) Cement Head handles heavy casin

02.05.2012 Baker Hughes Introduces Rigless Intervention System

Baker Hughes’ new mechanized, self-pinning rigless intervention system, Mastiff™, provides operators an alternative method for carrying out pipe installation and retrieval operations, which typically require a costly offshore rig.

22.04.2012 McCrometer Presents Advanced Offshore Flow Measurement Solutions at OTC 2012

   Engineers visiting OTC 2012 will want to stop by McCrometer’s Booth  to learn more about the advanced flow meter technology measurement solutions for the industry’s challenging, highly space- and weight-constrained offshore oil and gas production environments.

22.04.2012 Hughes Pumps Delivers Unique High Pressure Twin Pump Solution

   Hughes Pumps has recently supplied a leading multi-national offshore contractor with a unique high pressure twin pump system for the flushing and pressure testing of subsea pipelines during pre-commissioning operations.

21.02.2012 Macgregor System From Cargotec Wins Prestigious Offshore Industry Innovation Award

Cargotec’s MacGregor Chain Wheel Manipulator won Offshore Support Journal’s Innovation of the Year award, the company reported in a news release.

19.12.2011 DIAB Sandwich for Noise Enclosure Reduces Weight and Sound on Offshore Platforms

Noise Enclosures are designed to enclose the noise source, such as pumps, machinery etc. or the noise receivers like operators or assembly people.

11.05.2011 Nord Stream Pipeline Moves Another Step Closer to Completion

The Nord Stream Pipeline takes another important step towards its target of starting to deliver gas directly from Russia to the European Union by the end of 2011.

22.03.2011 New Schlumberger Quartz Gauges Deliver Reliable High-Resolution HPHT Measurements

Schlumberger today announced the introduction of Signature* quartz gauges for well testing operations.