New Insulation Wraps Protect Drilling Assets by Improving Hardbanding

June 20, 2014

Hardbanding has been proven to decrease drilling costs and downtime while increasing profitability and productivity. But if the finished hardband tool joint is allowed to cool too fast, it can seriously damage the structural integrity of the drill pipe or string. To be sure that hardbanding is properly applied, worldwide hardbanding leader Postle Industries has introduced new protective insulation wraps that decelerate the cooling process immediately following the application of hardbanding.

The new insulator wraps, called Postalloy® HB Insulators, are a key component in ensuring that hardbanding will protect the assets of drilling contractors and rental companies. Postalloy® HB Insulators slow the cooling process on hardbanded tool joints, HWDP and drill collars. If the tool joint cools too rapidly, it results in increased hardness in the area that surrounds the hardbanding (HAZ - heat affected zone). This increase in hardness could lead to failure of the tool joint. Proper protection of the tool joint to slow down the cooling process prevents this from happening.

To insure that hardbanding applications are done correctly and that tool joints, HWDP and drill collars are fully protected, knowledgeable drilling contractors and rental companies should be certain that their applicators complete the job with Postalloy® HB Insulators.

Source: Postle Industries, 2014.