Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Carried out by Tatneft

May 31, 2013

Tatneft is successfully implementing innovative technologies at its oil fields. For the first time in the Company's history a cycle of operations for multi-interval hydraulic fracturing of the formation has been completed in one of the wells of Yaurkinskoye oil field.

An interval multi-frac job in the horizontal wellbore was carried out in well 315 of Yaurkinskoye oil field at the end of May this year. The first pilot accomplishment was preceded by extensive preparatory work with participation of Tatneft's professionals, scientists of TatNIPIneft, specialists of OOO "Tatburneft", Tatarstan's Oil Service Management Company "Tatneft-RemServis", as well as the representatives of "TAM" Company and the U.S. "Halliburton" Oil Services Company, who followed up the whole process of the formation hydraulic fracturing.

Prior to carrying out the multi-frac job the work had been performed on the target selection, analysis and simulation of fracture by the results of core analysis and data interpretation, determination of the well direction and its design. In the well of Yaurkinskoye oil field the innovations were implemented concerning the well model building, drilling and accurate steering of the horizontal section of the wellbore, as well as new chemical compositions were used for the frac job.

Today the frac is an effective way to significantly increase the recovery rate of subsuface reserves and operate a well cost-effectively at the late stage of development. 376 frac jobs were carried out in the fields of Tatneft in 2012.

The multi-stage hydraulic fracturing is one of the most advanced technologies in the oil industry being the most efficient one for horizontal wells. It differs from a conventional frac job since performance of multiple subsequent fracturing operations is carried out one cycle after another. Special swelling casing annuals packers are installed in the horizontal wellbore separating the wellbore into individual intervals. There is a device in each interval allowing access for carrying out a frac job.

Source: Tatneft, 2103.