M3 Sonar: Multiple Modes for Multiple Applications

December 20, 2013

Kongsberg Mesotech's M3 Sonar is designed for both imaging and profiling applications and the multibeam technology enables faster operations than traditional scanning sonar and provides a large coverage area for data acquisition and a real-time data display. The M3 Sonar is suitable for a variety of deployment platforms, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), pole mounted on a vessel, or mounted on a tripod.

Exclusive to the M3 Sonar is the multimode capability that, in addition to standard imaging and profiling, features a unique enhanced image quality (eIQ) mode designed to provide image quality comparable to high-resolution scanning sonars. With four pre-defined operating modes, the M3 Sonar delivers application capability not found in any other system.

Operating modes
1.    Imaging: Long-range navigation with a fast update rate
2.    Enhanced Image Quality (eIQ): Greatest image quality from a short range with a slightly slower update rate
3.    ROV navigation: Automatically selects eIQ or imaging based on range
4.    Profiling: Optimized split beam profiling for bathymetric surveys
M3 Sonar software features
•    Bathymetry and 3D point cloud profiling
•    Automated GeoTIFF exports for image mosaics
•    Dual head synchronization abilities
•    Can be integrated with third party software such as HYPACK, EIVA, QINSy and Caris for real-time profile data acquisition and post-processing
The M3 Sonar is easy to use and operate; the multimode capability allows the operator to quickly switch from one operating mode to another. By combining the capability of multiple sonar heads into a single compact housing that performs three types of sonar, the M3 can be used for profiling, forward imaging and side imaging.

Source: Kongsberg