"Keys" to Success. Inside Schlumberger's Abu Dhabi Training Center

October 10, 2011

safety of job execution so Engineer or Job Supervisor can compare theoretical, calculated plots on same screen and overlay real time graph to find threat on earlier stages. One more feature of CT units of Schlumberger compare to other companies – presence of CoilSAVER* system. That is electric-over-hydraulics system of monitoring current CT pipe parameters and to keep them within limits. If one of them will exceed pre-set limit then CT pipe movement will be automatically instantly stopped. Combination of hardware and software in a CoilSAVER* system helps to Coiled Tubing unit operator avoid damage of CT pipe. CoilSAVER* is absolutely essential in prevention of overpulls and kicking accidents on CT pipe. Electronics hardware modules installed on CT unit may include more than 10 programmable modules linked into the system, working on reliable communication protocols, wired or wireless. Such systems require qualified personnel with specific level of knowledge in IT. That’s why in main course of  engineers and supervisors included training module with elements of basic electronics and basics of computer networking. Successful pass in all training modules, including CoilCAT* Electronics of CTU, is essential conditions to be certified as technical specialist for Coiled Tubing service.

   Practical trainings in MLC takes special place in whole training process so during those lessons students acquiring and improving skills of CTU operation, what to do in Contingency (Runaway In or Out of Hole, failure of most hydraulic systems, ability to use back up equipment , simulation of power pack failure – tens of different combinations). For those purposes two real CT units coexist with two additional simulators, hydraulic and electronic. Portion of the practical lessons is over 50 percent of training course time, where only CTU operations takes three weeks. Three-week practicals finalizing by qualification tests – on real CT unit and on both simulators. All practical lessons provided under conditions with maximum reconstruction of real oilfield conditions, comprising simulation of failure in some Coiled Tubing unit modules. In strict accordance with Well Services Safety Standards training personnel developed case-specific flowcharts for CT Contingency operations. Due to real danger of some failures, many of potential failures cannot be reproduced in real life, so the only Learning Center is right place to simulate such cases and let opportunity for Engineers and Supervisors to improve skills in Contingency. That’s why simulators play important role in training process of CT specialists.

   I would say that in Learning Center during training process all instructors pay attention not to only importance of theory and practicals, but also to psychological resistance of students in case of Contingency and stress managing. During practicals on simulators and CTU instructors revealing weak points and developing recommendations for individuals what and how to improve. Statistics of selection for pilots says that only one trainee may be chosen from 700 candidates. I am quite sure that the numbers in statistics in overall process for engineers and supervisors in recruiting-to-specialist cycle are very similar with pilot’s selection statistic. Just imagine that about 40