Halliburton Introduces FracHeightsm Service

February 28, 2014

Pinnacle Technologies, a Halliburton Service announces its latest innovation in fracture  diagnostics. FracHeight smservice is a hybrid tool that combines fiber optic wireline conveyed microseismic receivers with Pinnacle’s downhole tiltmeter sensors that directly measure the formation movement associated with fracture dilation.

While microseismic monitoring has been the primary diagnostic tool for fracture mapping in unconventional reservoirs, determining fracture height can sometimes be a challengewhen relying on  these measurements alone.

For example, in some multi - stage fractures where shallow microseisms clearly exist, identifying the cause — be it the actual fracture opening, natural fractures, a result of a critically stressed zone shearing, or some other mechanism — requires additional information. By incorporating microdeformation measurements made by downhole tiltmeters, FracHeight smservice provides definitive evidence of fracture dilation.

The result is a service that leads to more accurate fracture mapping by providing insight on actual fracture deformation as a function of depth. In typical unconventional reservoirs where multi -stage horizontals are common, the data provided by FracHeig htsmservice offers significant advantages for understanding fracture behavior.  The improved knowledge of the subsurface provided by FracHeight smservice allows for optimized asset development and increased completion and fracture efficiency.

Source: Halliburton