Halliburton Expands Line of DrillDOC® Drilling Optimization Tools

January 21, 2014

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business line, has introduced two new sizes of DrillDOC® drilling optimization tools – 4 3/4-inch and 9 1/2-inch collars. The addition of the two new sizes is especially beneficial while drilling complex directional well trajectories and horizontal or extended reach wells.

The new DrillDOC collars provide the measurements necessary to fully understand downhole drilling dynamics. They deliver real-time measurement of torsion, weight, bending and vibration measurements. Combining multiple DrillDOC tools in a single string can provide full drillstring dynamics.

Directly measuring torsion, weight, bending and vibration identifies the actual drilling parameters that are being applied to the bottomhole assembly and the bit. These measurements, utilized by Halliburton experts, give operators greater insight into the wellbore to reduce uncertainty, minimize unplanned events and optimize the drilling performance.

Drilling performance dramatically improves via captured measurements that help reduce cost and mitigate risk through data analysis, which include:
–    Improving drilling performance/reducing operating cost by optimizing rate of penetration;
–    Improving drilling performance by measuring wellbore quality;
–    Improving drilling performance/reducing operating cost by optimizing directional drilling performance;
–    Improving performance by mitigating risk associated with critical operations;
–    Reducing non-productive time associated with running tools above design specification.

Source: Halliburton