ERIELL Group successfully completes drilling of four wells in Bangladesh under contract with Gazprom International

June 9, 2014

ERIELL Group completed drilling of 4 directional wells of 3,532 – 3,880 meters in depth at Titas field in the Republic of Bangladesh under the contract with Gazprom International.

The wells were constructed using the drilling rig ZJ-70 LDВ-450.

Titas is not ERIELL's only project in Bangladesh. Wells Shrikahil-3 (3,350m), Bekumgandzh (3,565m) and Semutang (3,032) have been drilled to date. In progress is the construction of two directional wells in the Shakhbazpur hydrocarbon basin and drilling operations at the Rashidpur are commenced as well, Vitalii Dokunikhin, CEO of ERIELL Group, says.

Titas is the largest – in terms of gas production volumes – field located in the Bengal petroleum basin, 95km northeastward of Dhaka. Commissioned in 1967. Field reserves are estimated at 230 billion cubic meters of gas.

ERIELL International Oil Service Group, founded in the Czech Republic in 1999, provides well construction and workover services to leading oil & gas companies in the Russian Federation, Central and South Asia, North Africa, Europe and Latin America. Gazprombank is among ERIELL Group’s key shareholders.

ERIELL specializes in exploration and production drilling of oil-and-gas wells, and develops the oilfield facilities construction area. The Group also carries out directional drilling, sidetracking, drilling fluid development and maintenance, drill bit and bottom-hole motor service.

Source: ERIELL Group Press Service, 2014