ERIELL Group Once Again Broke Its Own Record in the West Siberia’s ARCTICGAZ Project

April 30, 2014

ERIELL Group has achieved a new record level in the ARCTICGAZ project having drilled a 1,117 m-long horizontal borehole through the productive horizon with a total penetration of 5,202 m. It is one of eight most-complex subhorizontal wells that ERIELL has drilled in the Achimov horizons. Previously no other drilling company managed to  drill a horizontal borehole longer than 800 m under the set schedules because of complicated mining/geological conditions in the Achimov series related to AHRP, relatively high sloughing gradients and low frac values.

In 2013 ERIELL Group drilled the first in the Urengoy region 1 km-long horizontal well in the Achimov series, and as early as in January 2014 the length of the next horizontal section reached 1,019 m, and the well construction was completed in just 68 days, which was  significantly ahead of schedule.

Source: ERIELL Group