ERIELL Group Drills First Commercial Production Well in Russia

May 21, 2014

ERIELL Group has successfully completed drilling of the first well within the framework of the new project with Severneftegazprom at the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil/gas/condensate field known for some of the most hard-to-recover gas reserves. The field is characterized by abnormally high reservoir pressure, low reservoir temperatures, lithological non-uniformity and variability and low reservoir permeability.

 «With this well the commercial development of Turonian deposits started for the first time in Russia», – said Vitaly Dokunikhin, ERIELL Group Executive Director.

ERIELL Group was elected the main contractor for construction of the horizontal production well with invert end of the 114 degree horizontal wellbore section. True vertical depth being 850 m the overall borehole length made 1804 meters. To maintain the set trajectory parameters ERIELL engaged Schlumberger equipment with an LVD array enabling real-time geosteering and the poroperm properties appraisal. Use of oscillator in the assembly ensured drilling of the well section with only one relocation of the elements and this with a 50/50 relation of the slant/horizontal hole sections.

Within the framework of this project it is also planned to complete construction of 6 exploratory wells by 31.08.16.

Source: ERIELL Group