Emerson Introduces 12V dc Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Overfill Protection and Level Monitoring in Remote Tank Installations

November 18, 2013

Emerson Process Management announces a 12V dc DPDT relay version of its Rosemount  2120 vibrating fork level switch for automated level monitoring and overspill protection of tanks or vessels in remote locations. The new switch is the first low power switch to provide a built-in relay output - eliminating the need for a separate switching relay.

The 12V switch is ideally suited to installations where there is no access to normal 24V power supplies and the only power available is from batteries or solar charged systems. The new switch has all the features of the standard versions, including built-in instrument health/self-checking diagnostics, but is uniquely designed for use in 12V low power circuits.

To improve safety and maximize operational efficiency, there is an increasing need for automated level monitoring technology to provide overspill protection on tanks and vessels. These installations are often in remote locations where there is no access to normal power supplies. Installing power cabling is often difficult and costly so batteries and solar power provide a convenient and cost effective alternative.

Based on vibrating short fork technology, the 12V 2120 is suitable for virtually all liquid applications and is unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration, or product variations. The unique `Fast Drip’ fork design provides quicker and more reliable detection, especially in high density liquids. Electronic self-checking and condition monitoring with Heartbeat LED, gives status and health information on the fork and sensor.

An adjustable switching delay virtually eliminates the risk for false switching in turbulent or splashing applications and the range includes various housings and wetted parts materials, with a complete range of process connections, extended fork lengths, and overfill approvals.   The optional 2" NPT thread eliminates the need to adapt existing fittings to fit smaller connections and with no moving parts to wear or stick, the Rosemount 2120 provides a low maintenance alternative for applications previously using float switches, conductive, capacitive, and optical sensors. With a temperature range up to 150°C (302°F) and pressures up to 100 bar-g (1450 psig), the 2120 is ideally suited to harsh process conditions including hazardous area installations.  In addition, the Rosemount 2120 has been TÜV tested and approved for overfill protection according to the German DiBt/ WHG regulations. It is certified under safety devices for tanks and piping related to water pollution control.

The 2120 is part of a complete range of vibrating fork level switches for industrial applications. The range also includes the 2130 extreme temperature version and 2160 wireless enabled level switch which has all the features of Emerson’s wired level switches but without the complication and cost of wiring.

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