CGG GeoSoftware Acquires VelPro

Cross-section of a well-calibrated velocity model in depth and related quality control in time at the well - Gulf of Mexico.

March 19, 2015

CGG GeoSoftware has further enhanced its advanced geoscience software portfolio by acquiring the rights to the VelPro™ velocity modeling and depth conversion product from In-Depth Solutions LLC. VelPro offers a faster and more complete velocity model building workflow to achieve more accurate seismic reservoir characterization.

VelPro’s ease of use, flexibility and scalability help interpreters and depth conversion experts build high-quality velocity models in record time.  Interactive data QC and editing tools for seismic velocities and well data are included in the robust toolset.  VelPro can be used as a standalone or added on to a user’s favorite geophysical interpretation application. VelPro models can be used for time-depth conversions to create accurate depth representations of the subsurface.

Kamal al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, CGG GeoSoftware, said: “VelPro helps interpreters solve complex velocity modeling challenges. The technology is an ideal fit with CGG GeoSoftware’s Seismic to Simulation workflow and will accelerate model building and seismic reservoir characterization projects to help E&P company asset teams better understand their reservoirs and optimize E&P results.”

GeoSoftware is a full-service provider of advanced geoscience software including the globally respected Hampson-Russell, Jason and Insight Earth® brands within CGG’s Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir division.  They provide a comprehensive set of tools and support for multi-disciplinary teamwork including well log analysis, seismic reservoir characterization, petrophysics, structural and seismic interpretation, velocity modeling, time-to-depth conversion, and reservoir modeling.

Source: CGG