CGG Commercializes Induced Polarization from Airborne Electromagnetic Data

TDEM conductivity and chargeability data from Greenland, using GEOTEM®, indicating many chargeable conductive zones. The example shows that not all conductive targets (left) are also chargeable (right).

March 3, 2014

CGG has announced that the high-powered Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys conducted by its Airborne business line will now offer Induced Polarization (apparent chargeability) as an additional product.

Chargeability is an important rock property for mineral exploration and has traditionally been measured with direct current, ground-based geophysical methods which are comparatively slow and labor-intensive. Chargeability effects have been observed in TDEM data for many years and CGG has a long history of studying them and extracting the information for research and interpretation purposes.

CGG is now commercializing an airborne TDEM chargeability product as part of its suite of TDEM deliverables for mineral exploration solutions. Explorers will be able to take advantage of the high speed and full coverage of airborne surveys to measure both inductive resistivity and chargeability to rapidly discriminate ore bodies.

This new product deliverable also extends to legacy data. Chargeability can be a significant targeting tool in mineral exploration as a useful discriminator for metallic deposit characteristics.

Source: CGG