CGG and Baker Hughes Sign Exclusive Long-Term RoqSCAN Agreement as Part of Shale Science Alliance

The fully portable RoqSCAN machine

March 27, 2014

CGG announced today that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Baker Hughes Incorporated for RoqSCANTM technology offered by CGG. RoqSCAN is a real-time, fully portable, quantitative and automated rock properties and mineralogical analyzer.
Developed by Robertson, a CGG company, and Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd., RoqSCAN delivers highly quantitative compositional and textural mineralogical data from drilling cuttings or core pieces, revealing the mineralogical SNA of the reservoir. This service can be provided at the wellsite during drilling operations, or later in core stores, field offices and laboratories.

Baker Hughes will include RoqSCAN in its shale reservoir evaluation services as part of the Shale Science Alliance with CGG. The agreement further strengthens the strategic relationship between the two companies, which is designed to help operators better understand shale plays and predict 'sweet spots' based on the combination of seismic attributes and accurate wellbore measurements.

Source: CGG