Bugulma Mechanical Plant Has Manufactured Equipment for Angarsk

November 18, 2013

The Bugulma Mechanical Plant of JSC TATNEFT has manufactured column equipment for use in Eastern Siberia.
Scrubbers (DK1007), which are atypical vessels manufactured at the plant, have been successfully hydrotested and accepted by the representatives of the designer and developer and have been sent to the place of their operation.

Scrubbers are industrial equipment for removal of unwanted impurities from solid and gaseous fluids in technological and chemical processes. Modern scrubbers perform wet scrubbing of flue and industrial gases through gas washing by liquid.

The scrubber manufactured by BMZ is a vertical cylindrical vessel 18,335 mm high and 1,860 mm wide. The vessel consists of 5 sheet steel drums. There are removable devices (KO drum, distribution and discharge plates, pressure bearing plates and a distribution header, as well as a nozzle) inside the vessel.
The balance gas scrubbers manufactured by the plant differ from the previous vessels of this type by using the small diameter (D = 250 mm) sheet steel drums and they are intended for the exhaust gas purification with application of the alkali solution. The 6.3 m3 capacity vessel is designed to operate at 1 MPa pressure and ambient sub-zero temperatures up to - 36 C.

Development of the design documentation has been carried out on the basis of the technical design of "IrkutskNIIkhimmash". The designer and developer of the internal devices is OOO "Peton" (Ufa).

Source: Tatneft