Belorusneft Prepares First Cluster Drilling Rigs for West Siberia

November 7, 2013

Seysmotekhnika and the Belorusneft drilling rig installation directorate are involved in the works. The equipment is for cluster drilling in the climate conditions of West Siberia. This method is the most widely-used one in developed fields. Cluster drilling helps to save time and money on multi-well drilling platform installation.
This kind of equipment will be made for the first time since Gomel machine-builders started to cooperate with Drillmec S.p.A. Seysmotekhnika began to assemble modern stationary 345-ton Drillmec drilling rigs in 2011. Belorusneft has been using them successfully at Belarusian fields. The northern version of Drillmec-15000 is equipped with a drill floor skidding system. All of its systems are covered with sandwich panels and it has a dual system heating.
Source: Belorusneft, 2013