BASF Launches Product Range Aspiro™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery

March 28, 2014

At the SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium on April 12. – 14. 2014 in Tulsa/Oklahoma, US, BASF will present Aspiro™ for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to an international audience for the first time. With the Aspiro™ product range customers can get combined expertise from one source. 

The Aspiro™ P range consists of water soluble polymers based on polyacrylamide (PAM) technology. Standard anionic PAMs are suitable for mild field conditions, while developmental associative thickening polymers enable a high mobility control at low dosage in demanding fields.

The Aspiro™ S product portfolio comprises a broad range of surfactants, co-surfactants and solvents.

Source: BASF