Baker Hughes Hits Goals with Saudi Drill Bit Manufacturing

By Pat Davis Szymczak, May 2, 2018

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) has set a new milestone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its Drill Bit Manufacturing Plant in Dhahran producing over 10,000 drills bits since 2011. 


While about 36 percent of the polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are supplied to Saudi Aramco, the rest, are exported to 41 countries across the world, including the US, China, India, Russia, Argentina, UK, Norway, Kenya, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Australia, among others, underlining BHGE’s commitment to strengthening localized manufacturing and boosting exports in line with Saudi Vision 2030.


The Drill Bill Manufacturing facility has also set other milestones with 47 Saudi-based suppliers, including small and medium enterprises, supporting the plant’s operations – thus creating a robust local supply chain. The facility has achieved 73 percent Saudization highlighting BHGE’s focus on promoting Saudi talents and creating high-quality jobs for talented Nationals. 



Drawing on advanced manufacturing technologies, BHGE plans to increase the production capacity by 50 percent next year, having already set a production record of 50 drill bits ‘Made in Saudi’ weekly for 13 consecutive weeks. The capacity expansion will help double the workforce at the facility and boost exports to 75 percent of the total production