Antelope Oil Tool Launches New Cementation Centralizer

March 16, 2015

Antelope Oil Tool, an industry leader in downhole solutions, has developed the CentraMax series, a unique centralizer design that provides a solution to enhance standoff and efficiency in cementing operations. 

Antelope Oil Tool provides patented casing and cementing products and services to the oil and gas industry for onshore, offshore and deepwater applications.

The CentraMax improves efficiency for operators by maximizing stand-off percentage, while reducing drag with minimal impact on flow area and equivalent circulating density.  The product also improves safety by allowing the centralizer to pass through tight spots without compromising standoff.

Designed with a 100% heat-treated steel, the CentraMax is a vigorous, single piece centralizer with a superior restoring force ideal for all well conditions.

The CentraMax is currently in use in both land and offshore well applications.

Source: Antelope Oil Tool