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23.04.2014 Ukrainian prime minister asks US’s Biden for investment in energy sector

Ukraine needs investments in the energy sector and is ready for widest cooperation with the U.S. and European companies in this sphere, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk has said after a meeting with U.S.

23.04.2014 BP to sell interests in four Alaska assets

BP on April 22 announced that it has agreed to sell interests in four BP-operated oilfields on the North Slope of Alaska to Hilcorp.

16.04.2014 BP spends over $14 billion on US cleanup activities

The U.S. Coast Guard on April 15 ended patrols and operations on the final three shoreline miles in Louisiana, bringing to a close the extensive four-year active cleanup of the Gulf Coast following the Deepwater Horizon accident, BP’s press office has said.

15.04.2014 US Senate leaders call to review oil export ban

With proven U.S. crude oil reserves increasing, Senate leaders said it was time to lift a 1970s era ban restricting crude oil exports, UPI reported on April 14.

14.04.2014 Ukraine ready to pay $386 per 1,000 cubic metres of Russian gas – chief banker

Ukraine is ready to pay $386 per 1,000 cubic metres of gas to Russia, Stepan Kubiv, Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), who is currently in the United States, told journalists on April 13, ITAR-TASS reported on April 14.

08.04.2014 US oil imports may fall to zero by 2037

Net oil imports to the U.S. could fall to zero by 2037 because of robust production in areas including North Dakota’s Bakken field and Texas’s Eagle Ford formation, according to a government projection released on April 7, Bloomberg has reported.

07.04.2014 Ukraine wants EU, US help to upgrade gas transport system

The Cabinet of Ministers hopes that the EU and the United States will invest in the modernization of the Ukrainian gas transport system, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said at a government meeting on April 5, Ukrinform has reported.

07.04.2014 Gazprom says US not to deliver LNG to Ukraine

Statements of Ukrainian authorities over possible liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies from the United States are acts of political populism and cannot affect Russian gas giant Gazprom’s position over gas contract prices for Ukraine, spokesman of the Russian gas monopoly

04.04.2014 US mulls new testing standards

U.S. transportation officials and leaders of the oil industry are mulling whether standards for testing crude must be updated in light of several oil-by-rail mishaps, Reuters reported on April 3.

03.04.2014 US wants more gas from Azerbaijan

The United States and the EU have a lot of work to do in order to diversify their energy supplies, and getting more gas from Azerbaijan is today's agenda, US Secretary of State John Kerry said at the U.S.-EU Energy Council Meeting in Brussels on April 2, Trend has report