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22.04.2014 U.S.-Africa Win, Europe Loses if Russian Energy Sanctioned

U.S. and African oil exporters may benefit if the West were to sanction Russia’s oil and gas sector, as international tensions continue to build over Ukraine. The EU would hurt as much as Russia, however, and the expected spike in international oil prices would plunge the world back into recession.

05.03.2014 CERAWeek - Bakken producer: U.S. oil export ban could squeeze production

If the United States does not lift a decades-old crude export ban, oil producers could slowly cut back on output, the chief operating officer of Continental Resources Inc said on Tuesday.

25.12.2013 Despite US shale boom, Saudi Arabia to remain key world oil player for years to come

Saudi Arabia will continue to play a leading role in maintaining the global stability in the short and medium term, Asiya Investments, an Asia-focused investment company said. In the long term, Saudi Arabia’s importance will be as equally , it noted.

17.10.2013 WTI Little Changed After U.S. Debt Deal

West Texas Intermediate crude was little changed after rising the most in a week as the U.S. raised its debt ceiling, ending concern of a default by the world’s biggest oil consumer, Bloomberg reported on October 17.

07.10.2013 China Warns Other Countries Against Sea Disputes

China has said the United States, Australia and Japan should not use their alliance as an excuse to intervene in territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea, and urged them to refrain from inflaming regional tensions, Reuters said on October 6.

03.10.2013 Obama Cancels Asia Tour

President Barack Obama called off plans to visit Asia and attend two summits because of the U.S. government shutdown, raising questions about the strategic "pivot" to the region that he announced just two years ago, Reuters said on October 3.

12.08.2013 China Poised To Become The World’s Largest Net Oil Importer Later This Year

According to an August report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), China's net oil imports will exceed those of the United States by October 2013 on a monthly basis and by 2014 on an annual basis, making China the largest importer of oil in the world.

07.08.2013 U.S. Natural Gas Net Imports Continue Years-Long Decrease During First Five Month In 2013

Net imports of natural gas into the United States fell 22% during the first five months in 2013 from the same period in 2012, the EIA has reported.

19.07.2013 Global Shale Gas Market To Be Worth $33.2 Billion In 2013

According to the Global Energy Watch, analysis indicates that the global shale gas market will reach a value of $33.2bn in 2013.

12.07.2013 U.S. Shale Gas Bigger Threat To Iran LNG Than Sanctions

Iran’s ambition to exploit the world’s biggest natural gas reserves, stymied for years by U.S. sanctions, faces an even sterner test as rising global output and the North American shale boom threaten to erode prices, Bloomberg reports.