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15.05.2013 Turkey Joins with Exxon, Iraqi Kurds in Oil Exploration

A Turkish firm is partnering with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Exxon Mobil to carry out oil exploration in northern Iraq, Turkey's prime minister said on Tuesday, taking Turkey's cooperation with Iraqi Kurds on energy one step further, Reuters reports.

14.05.2013 Turkey Closer to Energy Deal With Israel

Turkey is closer to coming to an agreement over joint energy projects with Israel, according to reports in regional newspapers, Natural Gas Europe reports.

13.05.2013 Turkey to Help Iraq Build More Oil, Gas Pipelines

Opec member Iraq will need new oil pipelines to export its crude to world markets as it prepares to raise production, and Turkey is keen to help its neighbour build the infrastructure, said Turkey's Energy Minister, Reuters reports.

10.05.2013 Turkish Energy Hub Plan Faces Hurdles

Israel's rapprochement with onetime strategic ally Turkey is a vital element in Ankara's drive to become the intercontinental east-west energy hub in the Mediterranean and many expect it to produce an energy alliance that will transform the region, UPI reports.

19.04.2013 Iraq: Turkish Energy Plan Picks Up Speed

Iraq's independence-minded Kurds are racing to build a pipeline into neighboring Turkey through which they'll export oil from their Taq Taq field to the Mediterranean, a breakaway move that could take their bitter dispute with Baghdad to crisis level, UPI reports.

18.04.2013 Iraqi Kurdistan Poised to Pipe Oil to World Via Turkey

Iraqi Kurdistan will be ready to export its crude oil directly to world markets via Turkey within months after a new pipeline is completed, a move likely to deepen a row with Baghdad over the distribution of Iraq's hydrocarbon revenues, Reuters reports.

09.04.2013 Turkish Energy Minister Invites Oil Firms to Black Sea

Turkey is inviting international oil companies to participate in oil exploration activities in the Black Sea, where it has already spent more than $2.5 billion, Energy Minister Taner Yıldız has said.

05.04.2013 Israel Proposes Turkey Build Gas Pipeline

Israel has offered Turkey to build a gas pipeline through its territory to export its gas to world markets, the Sabah newspaper reported with reference to a source in the Turkish government on Wednesday.

05.04.2013 Turkey Wants to Help on Cypriot Gas

UPI reports that the Cypriot government has the best chance to get its natural gas to the global market through Turkey's help, Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said.

29.03.2013 Turkey Balks on Oil Pipeline with Eni

UPI reports that Turkey may end its relationship with Italian energy company Eni because of its work with the Cypriot government, the energy minister said.