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23.12.2013 Unconventionals in Russia: Legal Aspects

The unconventional resource boom that hit the United States and Europe had gone relatively unnoticed in Russia until recently.

10.12.2013 Russian Ministry Supports Zero Tax for Difficult Oil Fields

Russia’s Finance Ministry has supported the Energy Ministry's idea to expand the zero mineral extraction tax (MET) rate to include hard-to-recover oil fields with up to 10% of resource extracted, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov told reporters on December 9, Prime

17.10.2013 Tax Hikes in Russia May Be Passed on to Drivers

Russian oil companies will escape a blow from future tax hikes after getting a nod from the government to raise fuel prices for motorists, Reuters reported on October 16, citing analysts and officials.

03.10.2013 Firms Controlled by Asia's Richest Man Face Australian Tax Fight

The Australian Tax Office is pursuing unpaid taxes from companies controlled by Asia's richest man, Li Ka-shing, that relate to profits made in the country's power, gas and water industries, Reuters reported on October 2.

23.08.2013 Mexico Seeks Tax Similar to Brazil for Private Oil Producers

Bloomberg reports that Mexico’s government will propose taxing private oil companies that partner with state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos at a similar rate as in Brazil and Colombia, Mexico’s deputy finance minister for revenue said.