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14.02.2013 Azerbaijan Hedging Pipeline Bets

UPI reports that SOCAR has said that it's worth the risk in a competitive European natural gas field to move forward with competing pipeline decisions.

30.01.2013 TAP Touts Prospects for Greek Economy

UPI reports that hosting the planned Trans-Adriatic Pipeline will give the Greek government the infrastructure needed to stimulate its economy, a pipeline executive said.

28.01.2013 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Receives Political Endorsement from Host Countries

Governments confirm the strategic importance of TAP at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

24.01.2013 TAP Receives Modest Azeri Support

Shareholders in the planned Trans Adriatic Pipeline agreed on the principles of a joint venture with members of an Azeri gas consortium, an executive said, as reported by UPI.

23.01.2013 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Concludes Shareholder Agreement with SOCAR, BP and Total

TAP and its shareholders – Axpo, Statoil and E.ON – have concluded a Shareholder Agreement with three members of the Shah Deniz Consortium: SOCAR, BP and Total.

26.12.2012 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Granted Status of "National Importance" by Albania

According to the TAP Consortium, this clears the way for the drafting of the National Sectorial Plan for the TAP Project. The drafting of this document will be led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania.

21.12.2012 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Plans Offshore Surveys in the Adriatic Sea

TAP plans to start offshore surveys in the Adriatic Sea this winter.  The goal is to collect additional data and samples to identify optimal offshore routing.

21.12.2012 Greece and TAP Begin Host Government Agreement Talks

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Greek government today formally initiated the process to conclude the Host Government Agreement that will govern the group’s investment.