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12.03.2014 New Rigs Key To Russia's Upgrade аnd Drilling Plans

For Russia, new oil today means new dollars to fill state coffers and prop up the economy. However, bigger output largely depends on new rigs.

10.02.2014 Russia’s Surgutneftegaz increases oil production at Bazhenov by 60% in 2013

Surgutneftegaz in 2013 increased oil production at the Bazhenov formation by more than 60% to 548,000 tons, Surgutneftegaz’s chief geologist Vyacheslav Chirkov has told a meeting at the natural resources ministry.

07.02.2014 Lone Star State Welcomes Surgutneftegaz

In early December, Oil&Gas Eurasia launched its first Technical Excellence Tour to the United States.

04.02.2014 Russia’s Surgutneftegaz five managers to leave board of directors

Surgutneftegaz’s board of directors has approved 10 candidates to nine positions of a new board, the company said in a report on February 3, Itar-Tass has reported.

28.01.2014 Russia’s Yugra Oilmen to Receive Tax Breaks for Bazhenov

The Russian Finance Ministry has backed a bill to issue tax breaks to oil companies working with tight oil resources. The deputy director of the ministry’s tax and tariff policy, Aleksey Sazonov, believes the state budget will not lose much bby offering such breaks.

27.01.2014 Murzin appointed as deputy director of Russia’s geology service

Rinat Murzin has been appointed as deputy director-general for planning of the geological holding company Rosgeologia.

21.01.2014 Generatsia to make seven drilling rigs for Russia’s Surgutneftegaz

Generatsia has won a tender to make seven drilling rigs for Surgutneftegaz. The rigs will be designed for cluster and appraisal drilling for up to 4,000 metres deep and for maximum loads of up to 250 tons.

13.01.2014 Surgutneftegaz, Tatneft Top in Recovery of Associated Petroleum Gas

The government commission for the fuel and energy complex has placed Surgutneftegaz on the first place among local companies for the efficiency of use of associated petroleum gas, followed by Tatneft in the second position and Novatek in the third.

08.01.2014 Russian oil, gas condensate production up 1% in 2013

In 2013, Russia increased oil and gas condensate production by 1%. In 2013, Russia, produced 523.27mn tons of oil at the pace of 10.5mn barrels per day. In December, Russia produced 44.96mn tons of oil at 10.63mn bpd. 

11.12.2013 Rimera Completes Contract for Surgutneftegaz

Izhneftemash, which is part of Rimera group, has completed an annual contract for Surgutneftegaz. Izhneftemash’s deliveries for Surgutneftegaz doubled this year.