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09.04.2014 Russia’s Surgutneftegas reports production figures for January-March

In January-March 2014, Surgutneftegas produced 15,106.7 thousand tonnes of crude oil, its press office said on April 9.

19.03.2014 Russian oil majors want tax cuts

Russia’s Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Alliance Oil, Gazprom Neft, and several smaller oil companies have asked the government for tax benefits, Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said on March 18, Prime has reported.

13.03.2014 Russia's Surgutneftegas oil output in Yakutia up 3.6% year on year in January-February

In January-February 2014, Surgutneftegas produced 9.902 million tonnes of crude oil, Surgutneftegas press service reported on March 12.

19.02.2014 Russia’s Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft increase oil production in January

Russia’s state-run Rosneft produced in January 17.36 million tonnes of oil, having showed a growth by 1.2 percent year-on-year, the Central Dispatch Service reports, Itar-Tass reported on February 19.

06.02.2014 Russia’s Surgutneftegas increases crude output in Yakutia in January

In January 2014, Surgutneftegas produced 5.202 million tonnes of crude oil, the company’s press service said on February 5.

07.11.2013 Surgutneftegas Reports on Environment Protection in January-September

Measures taken by Surgutneftegas in order to improve environmental security are aimed, first of all, to increase the reliability of pipelines and minimize the negative impact of oil and formation water spills, the company’s press service has said.

13.09.2013 Beating a Dead Horse - Russian Oil Producers Still Await Tax Incentives For New Regions

The oil situation in Russia is similar to that of gas production: main fields in West Siberia are already depleted, but there is no worthy alternative yet.

12.08.2013 Surgutneftegas Reports Operating Results For 1H2013

Over the first half of 2013, Surgutneftegas produced 30.438 million tonnes of crude oil, matching the level of the previous year (30.435 million tonnes), the company reported in a news release.

20.03.2013 Russia’s Surgutneftegas to Start Shpilman Field Development in 2015

Prime reports that the Russian oil and gas company Surgutneftegas will start the development of Shpilman field in 2015, CEO Vladimir Bogdanov said on Tuesday.

He said that under the terms of the license the development must start by 2018.

05.03.2013 Russian Drilling Programs Poised to Best 2012 Highs

Russian drilling plans are expanding vigorously compared to last year.