Search for Shale

26.03.2014 Russia pins hopes on Tatar shale oil

The oil industry of Tatarstan may choose its own road connected to shale oil and gas, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said at a meeting on innovation. Medvedev said Russian specialists should explore new methods of oil production.

13.03.2014 China to exceed 2015 shale target

China, which sits on the world’s largest shale reserves, may exceed its 2015 output goal, as a new project in the nation’s southwest and the promise of fresh investment leave government targets looking outdated, Bloomberg reported on March 12.

04.02.2014 Halliburton Announces Unconventional Resource Development Partnership with Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University

Halliburton has signed a partnership agreement with Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas for the development of unconventional resources in Russia, including the Bazhenov shale play, the company reported in a news release.

01.02.2014 When “Revolution” Is Simply History Repeating Itself

Shale, shale, shale – it’s the new mantra of the oil and gas industry. Production of hydrocarbons from reservoirs with low permeability is destined to make the United States energy independent in the very near future.

22.01.2014 Shale Revolution Opens New Horizons In Horizontal Drilling

The first successes of “shale revolution”, itself associated with the development of horizontal drilling and fracturing technologies, led to a sharp uptick in the horizontal wells.

30.12.2013 China to stick with Middle East oil despite world’s largest shale reserves

Shale gas will not free China from Middle East oil imports, an investment vehicle of the Kuwaiti government said.

25.12.2013 Shenhua Energy to set up shale gas company in US with partner

China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd (Shenhua) will invest $90 million to set up a company in the US which will cooperate with Energy Corporation of America (ECA) in developing shale gas, said a filing released Tuesday on the Shanghai bourse.

25.12.2013 Despite US shale boom, Saudi Arabia to remain key world oil player for years to come

Saudi Arabia will continue to play a leading role in maintaining the global stability in the short and medium term, Asiya Investments, an Asia-focused investment company said. In the long term, Saudi Arabia’s importance will be as equally , it noted.

12.12.2013 Shell Eyes Argentine Shale Deposits

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA)’s Argentine unit plans to triple shale investments on prospects that the government will change energy policies to spur development of the Vaca Muerta formation and cut fuel imports, Bloomberg reported on December 10.

20.11.2013 Large Shale Gas Reserves in Europe Promise Growth for the Pumps Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Greater political acceptance of shale gas exploration and the growing need among European countries to be self-sufficient in terms of energy is expected to result in the growth for the pumps market, Frost & Sullivan has reported in an industry review.