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04.09.2014 Getting Chinese Shale Gas Out of the Ground Could be Disastrous

The Middle Kingdom is thought to have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources, as well as the third-biggest supply of recoverable shale oil—more than 30 trillion cubic meters (1,115 trillion cubic feet) of shale gas—nearly twice what the US claims

01.07.2014 Fracking: Scotland’s shale gas resources revealed

Scotland’s Central Belt is sitting on billions of barrels of shale oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas, an official survey has discovered.

25.06.2014 US shale oil production to reach 9.6m bpd by 2019

The United States’ shale oil production is expected to grow from its current capacity of 8.4 million barrels per day (bpd) to 9.6 million bpd by 2019, US Deputy Secretary of Energy, Daniel Poneman, said on Tuesday.

18.06.2014 ‘Surge in shale oil, gas to transform Nigeria’s economy’

The growing production of shale oil and gas in the United States (US), which has drastically affected US imports of Nigerian crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), will ultimately transform the economy of Nigeria from rent-seeking, rent-sharing, and hard-currency dri

26.05.2014 Total in Siberia shale oil joint venture with Russia's Lukoil

French energy giant Total said Friday that it has signed a deal with Russia's second biggest oil firm Lukoil to explore and develop shale oil deposits in western Siberia.

26.05.2014 Britain plans fracking rule change as report shows huge shale oil reserves

Britain plans to ease rules on accessing shale oil and gas, including drilling without landowners' permission, a move that coincides with a government report suggesting billions of barrels of shale oil may lie underneath southern England.

21.05.2014 U.S. government cuts estimate of recoverable Monterey Shale oil by 96%

Federal energy authorities have slashed by 96% the estimated amount of recoverable oil buried in California's vast Monterey Shale deposits, deflating its potential as a national "black gold mine" of petroleum, Los Angeles Times reported on May 20.

16.05.2014 Uzbekistan plans to increase oil, gas production

Uzbekistan intends to increase the production of liquid hydrocarbon and natural gas to 3.5 million tonnes and 66 billion cubic meters, respectively, by 2020, Shokir Faizullaev, the chairman of the Board of Uzbekneftegaz national holding company said, Trend reported on Ma

13.05.2014 U.S. shale oil output expected to rise in June

Oil production across U.S. shale fields will likely rise by 75,000 barrels-per-day in June after rising nearly as much in May, monthly estimates from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed on May 12, Reuters has said.

30.04.2014 Russia’s Gazprom Neft finds shale oil at Krasnoleninskoye deposit

Shale oil flow at 50 cubic meters per day has been detected after hydraulic fracturing at a new well drilled at the Palyanovskaya block of the Krasnoleninskoye deposit of Gazpromneft Khantos.