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08.11.2013 Kiev to Receive Only a Third of Ukrainian Shale Gas from Chevron

According to a production sharing agreement with the US Chevron, Ukraine will receive 30% of the shale gas to be produced at the Olesskaya field in the west of the country, Ukrainian Energy Minister Eduard Stavytsky has said.

06.11.2013 Ukraine Signs Shale Gas Agreement with Chevron

Ukraine signed a $10 billion shale gas production-sharing agreement with U.S. Chevron (CVX.N) on November 5, another step in a drive for more energy independence from Russia, Reuters has reported.

06.11.2013 Stavitsky Believes Chevron Will Invest $5 Billion in Olesskaya Field

Chevron will invest $4-5 billion in gas production at the Olesskaya field, UNN has reported, citing Ukrainian coal and energy minister Eduard Stavytsky as telling a briefing.

05.11.2013 Iran to Look for Shale Oil, Gas along Border with Iraq

The National Iranian Oil Co. will spend more than a year examining the potential for shale oil and gas reserves along Iran's border with Iraq, UPI reported on November 4, citing an official.

31.10.2013 Ukrainian Authorities Approve Shale Gas Agreement with Chevron

The Ukrainian government has approved a production sharing agreement with Chevron regarding shale gas production in the regions of Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk, environment minister Oleg Proskuryakov has said.

31.10.2013 China Announces New Guidelines for Shale Gas

The National Energy Administration announced new guidelines for shale gas on October 30 that aim to increase output of the fuel and thus improve China's energy security, China Daily has reported.

30.10.2013 Gazprom Says Not Expedient to Produce Shale Gas in Russia

The Gazprom Board of Directors has taken notice of the results of a survey on the shale gas sector development throughout the globe. It was mentioned that the core structural units of Gazprom Group continued investigating the progress with shale gas production.

25.10.2013 Ukrainian Shale Gas Deposits Estimated at 22 Trillion Cubic Metres

In Ukraine, it should be technically possible to produce 22tn cubic metres of shale gas, said Sergey Vakarchuk, head of the center for oil and gas geology Naukaneftegaz (a research center of the national company Naftogaz Ukrainy).

04.10.2013 Shell Reaches Shale Gas in Ukrainian Field

Royal Dutch Shell has found gas in the Pavlovsko-Svetlakovsky field in Kharkov Region, the Ukrainian business newspaper Kapital reported on October 2. The newspaper cited the deputy regional governor, Yury Sapronov.