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28.05.2014 Rosgeologia to look for shale gas in Russia’s Trans-Urals region

Rosgeologia will look for shale gas in Russia’s Trans-Urals region, Rosgeologia’s deputy director-general for development Roman Samsonov has told a regional government meeting in Chita.

14.04.2014 Russian Transneft, RusHydro asked to move to Far East

The Russian president’s plenipotentiary representative in the Far East district, Yury Trutnev, has listed several companies whose offices could be moved to the Far East.

04.02.2014 Russia’s VNIIGeofizika sums up 2013 results

The main event for the open joint-stock company VNIIGeofizika (national geophysics research institute) in 2013 was its takeover by the state holding Rosgeologia.

27.01.2014 Murzin appointed as deputy director of Russia’s geology service

Rinat Murzin has been appointed as deputy director-general for planning of the geological holding company Rosgeologia.

16.01.2014 Russia's Rosgeologia consolidates geological prospecting assets

Rosgeologia (Russian Geology) has consolidated its 37 structural divisions under the holding company umbrella.

04.11.2013 Rosgeologia Begins Exploration in Kamchatka

Specialists from the open joint-stock company Kamchatgeologia, which is part of Rosgeologia, have begun seismic exploration at the Pustoretsky fore deep in the north-west of the Kamchatka peninsula.

25.10.2013 Rosgeologia to Set Up Single Information System for All to Access

Rosgeologia is going to set up a single geology exploration information system, which should make it possible to obtain up-to-date and exact geological and geophysical data for all extractive companies in Russia, the company has said.