Search for reform

31.01.2014 Rosneft reportedly comes up with plan to end Gazprom’s Russian gas export monopoly

Russian oil giant Rosneft has prepared a plan to abolish Gazprom’s monopoly for gas exports, a source in the industry familiar with the document told Itar-Tass on January 30.

09.12.2013 Mexico Energy Reform May End Pemex Monopoly

Mexican lawmakers unveiled a draft energy bill on Saturday that includes contracts ranging from profit or production-sharing to licenses to lure private investment, in what would be the biggest opening in the world's No. 10 oil producer in decades.

23.08.2013 China's Petrochina Eager For Reform

PetroChina Co Ltd, the nation's leading oil and natural gas producer, said on Thursday it expects a 20-billion-yuan ($3.3 billion) annual profit boost from the government's natural gas price reform.

19.08.2013 Mexican Interior Ministry: We Will Invite Russia To Our Oil Sector

Mexico is interested in the experience Russian oil companies have accrued and is inviting them to participate in its oil production sector, Deputy Mexican Interior Minister Eduardo Sanchez told RIA Novosti in an interview in response to questions about Mexican energy ref

12.08.2013 Mexico Energy Reform Won't Offer Private Oil Concessions - Ruling Party Leader

Reuters reports that a "sweeping energy overhaul" that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is set to unveil on Monday will not offer private firms concessions to tap Mexican oil, but will propose amending the constitution to allow them to invest in the ailing sector, th